Would This Work?

Proposal: Given that the NRA has most of our candidates and legislators in its pocket, and given that Stuff Happens and will continue to Happen, we should call for an end to gun-free zones everywhere, including all government buildings, local, state, and federal. We should insist that all politicians and judges (assuming there’s a distinction) be required to fire their bodyguards, both private and government-paid. We should insist that all of these people join us in their open-carry utopia, where every citizen is responsible for his own defense. If they argue that this is unreasonable because they are high-profile targets, we may point out that just about all of the targets of our 294 (so far in 2015) mass shootings were not high-profile. Every candidate, legislator, mayor, governor, and judge who refuses to do this should be called out as a coward.

This is a schoolyard taunt, appropriate for the way we live now, which is in one big toxic schoolyard. Cowards ask the rest of us to live with risks they don’t share.

I’m serious.



Photo by National Library of Scotland

Jincy Willett